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Daiwa Rods Trolling For Yellow Fin Tuna

Daiwa Rods

In the Summer months when the sea is alive with action, there is nothing I love more than having a troll around for a few yellow fin tuna using one of my trusty Daiwa rods and rapala lures.

I find that if I target tuna then I will usually catch just about anything else that is around as well using the same setup.

When it comes to trolling for any pelagic species your eyes are your best asset.

You need to look around for signs of action, like chopping water, birds diving and even visible current line changes.

If your not lucky enough to have the budget to afford top of the line sounders and radar gear that can do some of that for you, then you need to learn to read what you can see with the naked eye.

Daiwa Rods Gear You Can Trust

Any time I’m fishing and even more importantly when I am miles out to sea, I need to know that the gear I am using is not going to let me down because it is a long way home to grab a spare if something goes wrong.

That is why I switched almost all of my rods over to Daiwa Rods some time ago and haven’t looked back since.

Daiwa Rods are built to handle the toughest situations and are setup to allow the angler to have maximum strength when needed to take control of even the biggest fish.

Fishing With Lures

When it comes to Fishing With Lures, some people put way too much thought into picking which lure they think the fish are going to go for today, and I have found that it doesn’t make a huge deal of difference.

I have heard people say that you should pick a bright colored lure on a cloudy day and a dull one on a sunny day, but no one has yet been able to prove to me why this has any merit.

I personally have a couple of favorite lures I may switch between if nothing seems to be striking but I usually find that if one lure doesn’t work the other probably won’t either.

When targeting fish like tuna I will always use a skirted lure that produces a good stream of bubbles behind it when towed at the correct speed.

Most lures work well when traveling around 7 knots, so keep an eye on your speed.Daiwa Rods Trolling for Tuna

When you spot an area that looks like it may be what you are after, try to slowly work around the outside of it rather than driving straight through the middle. If you find a patch of fish you don’t want to split them up or scare them off by barging straight in amongst them.

Preferred Trolling Set up

Both Daiwa rods I use I have set up with good quality overhead reels to compliment the rod and I have one set up with braid and the other with mono-filament.

I have mostly used mono for many years but are starting to experiment more with braid and so far are liking the results.

I’ll keep you informed if I ever decide to use one or the other more in coming posts.

I have put together a 30sec video of some of the range of Daiwa Rods Here!

Till next post,

Happy Fishing!
Pescatore Pazzo
The Mad Fisherman

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