Different Fishing Rods

fishing rodsMy Different Fishing Rods

Fishing doesn’t happen as often as I would like these days,  So I always like to have different rod and reel combos set up ready for when the time comes I don’t have to waste time setting my gear up.

I have 5 different set ups that I use, some more than others, but they all have their respective uses.

My Rods

No. 1. An ultra lite setup, a short one piece rod around 4’6 with lite action, spooled with braid on a small spin reel.

I use it for flicking soft plastics or small spinning lures, and it’s size is good for when you need to keep it in the boat to avoid catching it on low branches when traveling to a spot in the river.

No. 2. A medium ugly stik, 6 foot long heavy action rod, an open faced reel spooled with about 65 pound braid, used where there is a lot of structure like sticks, logs and rocks, and good sized fish that are likely to grab the bait and head straight for the structure to cut me off.

Being a heavy action rod with braid that size, allows me to put the hurt on a big fish and drag it out of the structure, before it can cut the line.

No. 3. Is a 7 foot medium/ heavy action Abu Garcia rod that has a fast tip action, this makes it great for jigging, using a live bait, or fishing with lures where more sensitivity is required to feel what is going on at the other end of the line.

It is a well-balanced rod and reel combo, which makes casting distance and with accuracy easy to achieve.

No. 4. Is a 7-foot medium to heavy action rod, with bait-caster reel which is ideal for trolling out on the lake or up the river.

No. 5. This is a heavy duty deep sea fishing combo with a heavy overhead reel, the line guides have rollers and it is spooled with 100 pound line, I use it trolling with big live baits or heavy skirted lures, when I am looking for that big catch of a lifetime.

Most Used.

I would say that for the majority of my river fishing, I use my number 1 rod, the ultra light combo, and my number 2 rod, the 6 foot Ugly Stik.

These 2 rods cover the majority of situations and the other 3 are good for out on the lake or in open water, chasing bigger fish.

With these 5 different fishing rods setup I’m always ready to go as soon as the  fish come on!


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