Proper Cleaning of Your Daiwa Rods and Reels

Proper Cleaning of Your Daiwa Rods and ReelsProper Cleaning of your Daiwa Rods and Reels Is Essential!

Salt Water is enemy number one when it comes to your fishing gear, in a very short period of time, salt water can corrode and damage your expensive fishing equipment, rendering it useless or unreliable.

Keep Your Daiwa Rods and Reels Working Trouble Free for Longer

A small amount of cleaning and maintenace can make all the difference to how long your gear will last.

Every time you return from a fishing trip you should take these steps to ensure long trouble free fishing each and every time.

  • First thing is to thoroughly wash your rod and reel down with luke warm soapy water using a soft cloth or sponge, ensuring you concentrate on all the nooks and crannies that salt water and salt spray can get into.Daiwa Rods and Reels
  • Use a nail brush or similar to gently scrub around the sides of the reel, the line guides and runners
  • Hose off your rod and reel with fresh water washing away all the remaining soap suds
  • Dry off using a soft clean towel or leave for a few minutes to air dry

General Maintenance

For general maintenance of the working parts of the rod and reel you should lighly spray a coating of WD-40 or similar protectant.

Lighly spray on the reel gears, handle, guides and runners wiping away any excess or over spray using a soft cloth or paper towel.

Keep Daiwa Rods Clean


Wherever possible keep your rods and reels in a dry warm place out of direct sunlight. If you have spent as much on your fishing gear as I have then a lockable cupboard is a wise investment. I have heard too may horror stories of fishing gear going missing from a garage or other unsecure area.

Simple Cleaning Methods

Just by following these simple cleaning and maintenance methods, you can keep your Daiwa Rods and reels in top shape for trouble free fishing each and every time.

Check out this You Tube clip of Daiwa Rods in Action


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